Supporting Nature

Promoting functioning ecosystems

Supporting People

Helping people value nature

Supporting Communities

Bringing nature and communities together

We work across the UK to bring nature closer to people
  • We improve the lives of people and communities by linking them with nature and the environment.
  • We promote the wide range of services that nature provides to society, and in turn we ensure that nature is valued and enhanced.
  • We do this through training, research, projects, demonstrations, consultancy, and working collaboratively with others.

What nature does for us

Supports our health and wellbeing

Health, nutrition, social and mental well-being, leisure and recreation, reflection, personal development.

Improves our understanding

Educational experiences, interconnectedness, sense of empowerment and responsibility.

Consistently provides for us

Food, wild plants and foraging, biomass energy, fuel and fibres, genetic materials, water collection.

Supports our creativity and culture

Cultural heritage, art and inspiration, craft materials, landscape beauty and sense of place.

Regulates our environment

Pollution regulation, carbon storage, pollination, water purification, flood and storm protection, etc.

Recent news, events, & projects

Storm on the coast of tropical sea
volunteer help needed to create new disabled garden after Storm Ciara
Newton on Trent Garden Village: Championing Rural Sustainability
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Uppingham community housing ecology survey

Sustainable lives and landscapes is our goal

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ā€¦Inspired by natureā€¦supported with care
Supporting vulnerable adults and young people in our day centre at Burrough Court


Centre for Nature & Society

Research, workshops, courses and fully accredited training in ecosystem services, natural capital, sustainable life & community engagement...


SLT Sustainability Consultants

Professional consultancy in planning, development, and stewardship. Working with communities, authorities...

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New Trees, Woodlands & Hedges Management Seminar (8th December)

This is our new trees, woodlands & hedges management seminar: An opportunity to investigate tree health, carbon sequestration and species...

New Trees, Woodlands and Hedges Practical Workshop (11th December)

This is our new trees, woodlands & hedges management practical workshop: An opportunity to develop key practical skills in the...
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