• Care farm for vulnerable adults and young people referrals.
  • Supporting those with social, emotional, behavioural, physical, and/or learning issues, and those in recovery.
  • Personal support to enable people to achieve their goals and build confidence.
  • Nature based interventions to improve mental health through small group and one to one support
  • Addressing issues of poor health and well being through interactions with nature.
  • Green gym activities that involves practical hands on work to improve general health and fitness (forestry, conservation, rural crafts, construction, horticulture).
Natural Rural Crafts:
  • Activities that promote use of natural materials and heritage skills in art, craft, food and other products.┬áLinking people to their cultural roots through heritage crafts, stories and activities.
Growing and Eating:
  • Therapeutic horticulture in our organic kitchen garden
  • Improving nutrition through involvement in growing, foraging and cooking.
Training and Workshops:
  • Skills training to improve social and economic outcomes. Workshops to introduce ideas and share methods.
  • Small scale enterprises such as greenwood working, food box scheme, production of bird and nest boxes.
  • Supporting job skills, project management skills, personal development and independence.
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