In order to prevent and mitigate the effects of climate change we must take a two-pronged approach:

    1. Reduce emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases e.g. carbon dioxide.
    2. Adapt to the effects already in action.

In doing so, we will reduce the damaging effects of global temperature rise, changes to season length, extreme weather patterns, sea level rise and ice-loss.

Healthy ecosystems with various high-quality ecosystem services offer diverse and valuable options in the face of climate change.

Ecosystem services are processes and resources that are provided by natural systems e.g. water purification, carbon sequestration, food production, etc.

By implementing 'nature-based solutions' that build or enhance ecosystem services, we can both reduce emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change on modern and future civilisation.

The importance of ecosystem services and natural capital is becoming increasingly recognised in decision-making by governments, businesses, charities and other stakeholders when addressing climate change.


The Sustainable Land Trust is dedicated to tackling the impacts of climate change and the prevention of further warming. Our team does this through a number of activities and projects:

Community outreach

  • Valuing landscapes and ecosystems for the benefits they provide to society.
  • Making the tools accessible for parishes, communities and schools to monitor and manage their landscapes.

Training and demonstrations

  • Creating and demonstrating sustainable land management techniques and how well functioning ecosystems can support society.
  • Improving knowledge and skills of land agents, farmers, community groups, parishes, students, teachers and volunteers.

Research and innovation

  • Working with universities and statutory agencies to develop and demonstrate new methods of land planning and management.
  • Innovating and demonstrating good sustainable land practice.


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