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As part of our Centre for Nature & Society pilot programme, our seminar on the 'Value of Nature for Health & Wellbeing' touches upon the current scientific research that emphasises nature is a source of endless wellbeing enhancing opportunities. With COVID once again causing huge problems for the NHS and the risk of further lockdowns, having a source of tips and tricks on how to benefit your mental and physical health whilst spending time outdoors is more important than ever. We have created a handy PowerPoint presentation and voice over guide that will talk you through:

  • What health & wellbeing really means
  • The state of health & wellbeing in Leicestershire, Rutland, and at a national level
  • Where you can find interesting statistics about health & wellbeing
  • Discussions of research
  • Nature and its impact on dementia patients
  • Nature and its impact on children with autism
  • UK health advice
  • How you can improve your health & wellbeing in nature

To accompany this we have also created a supporting document to showcase how to find areas in your local park for positive health & wellbeing benefits. This case study is of Meanwood Park in Leeds and the surrounding rural areas.

If you enjoyed reading through the content and want to share this knowledge with your community, we've created a poster that you can display on notice boards and digitally across social media platforms.

Click the links below to download the documents:

PowerPoint Presentation

Supporting Document


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