Who we are

We are a sustainability and nature focused charity and not for profit company working to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the UK's 25 Year Environment Plan by enhancing natural capital and biodiversity, addressing the impacts of climate change and environmental pollution, and achieving long term human wellbeing.

We promote the services that fully functioning ecosystems provide to society


We use our skills as experienced sustainability and natural environment experts to deliver positive outcomes for people and the planet.

We are based on the Burrough Court Estate; a 1,200 acre farming estate near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, which we support through practical management and professional advice in sustainable land management methods, natural capital enhancement, and the implementation of nature based solutions. It is from here that we run our main activities and programmes:

Supporting Nature

We develop a wide range of projects each year to enhance nature and promote sustainable land management. This can be at our base at Burrough Court; through our community programmes or consultancy work; or as a result of our research and STEM activities.

Supporting Communities

We work out in our communities with local authorities and groups to help alleviate social and economic issues by maximising natural capital  and improving health and well being outcomes. This work can be varied and often involves building the capabilities and skills of communities so they can manage their own spaces.

Supporting People

Our volunteers and service users generally work on the many projects we run on the farm as well as getting involved in our community projects.  For those wishing to develop careers with us they can join our training courses and shadow our professional team.

Research & Feasibility

We conduct research into how nature supports society and we work with a range of universities and support doctoral programmes. We promote STEM and aim to encourage a wide range of people to become passionate about the natural sciences.

SLT:Ltd Consultancy

We run a consultancy social enterprise that provides professional services within the planning and development, and land management sectors. Our work is well regarded and our team have worked on all scales of projects from large infrastructure developments to small scale planning applications. We provide the land agent service to Burrough Court Estate and other land owners.


Inspired by nature...supported with care.

This is our alternative education and special educational needs programme which we run from Burrough Court and where we support vulnerable adults and young people to experience health and wellbeing benefits of being in nature, as well as increased personal development and enables them to gain accredited qualifications.

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