Supporting Nature

  • Stewardship: Creating and demonstrating sustainable land management techniques and how well functioning ecosystem can support society.
  • Research and innovation: working with universities and statutory agencies to develop and demonstrate new methods of land planning and management
  • Innovation and demonstration to showcase good sustainable land practice.
  • Training and demonstrations: to improve knowledge and skills of land managers

Supporting People

  • See:Learn:Transform: Care farm for vulnerable adults and young people (see
  • Supporting those with social, emotional, behavioural, physical, and/or learning issues, and those in recovery.
  • Personal support to enable people to achieve their goals and build confidence.
  • Nature based interventions to improve mental health through small group and one to one support
  • Addressing issues of poor health and well being through interactions with nature.
  • Green gym activities that involves practical hands on work to improve general health and fitness (forestry, conservation, rural crafts, construction, horticulture).
  • Training and Workshops: Skills training to improve social and economic outcomes. Workshops to introduce ideas and share methods.
  • Natural Rural Crafts: Activities that promote use of natural materials and heritage skills in art, craft, food and other products. Linking people to their cultural roots through heritage crafts, stories and activities.
  • Growing and eating: Therapeutic horticulture in our organic kitchen garden
  • Improving nutrition through involvement in growing, foraging and cooking.
  • Enterprise: Small scale enterprises such as greenwood working, food box scheme, production of bird and nest boxes.
  • Supporting job skills, project management skills, personal development and independence.

Supporting Communities

  • Community regeneration: working with local authorities, parish councils and community groups to undertake projects that maximise the functions of their natural and open spaces to help address local issues
  • Improvements in quality of life through improvements in spaces and communities (e.g. community development, neighbourhood planning).
  • Capacity building: helping community groups and local/ parish councils manage their open spaces sustainably so they contribute to health and well being, and achieve community cohesion.
  • Bringing communities together through nature based activities and projects to help address specific environmental issues and promote the value that nature provides to society (e.g climate change, biodiversity loss/fragmentation, value of ecosystem services).
  • Training and workshops: to improve knowledge and skills to build the capacity of others to make improvements in their own communities or landscapes.
  • New landscapes: New communities: Working with local authorities, developers and regeneration agencies to create new developments that are sustainable and create community cohesion.

Consultancy and Land Management

  • Environmental and sustainability consultancy services to local authorities, community regeneration groups, parish councils, land owners and developers to increase the value of nature and its role in supporting human health and well being.
  • Land and estate services that include habitat creation, restoration and management, biodiversity monitoring and reporting, forestry, Countryside Stewardship/ Environmental Land Management Scheme .