Research and Feasibility

“Supposing is good, but finding out is better. .”

     Mark Twain

Our team are professionals in conducting research and feasibility studies that support the protection and sustainable use of land and the strengthening of rural communities.

Research studies are often based around providing a solution to a problem, or testing a scenario in order to identify the consequences of rural land use or community projects. Feasibility studies look at options and opportunities often across a range of possibilities and selecting the preferred option based upon pre-set criteria or project objectives.

The process of conducting research and feasibility studies often requires a multi-disciplinary team to identify all possible solutions and our strong partnerships with others such as Universities, Government Agencies, Community groups and Conservation charities, as well as specialists from the commercial sector, brings together a comprehensive package to undertake a wide range of feasibility projects.

The types of research and feasibility studies we undertake are categorised as below:

Sustainable communities

  • rural community development
  • business planning for sustainability projects
  • creation of fundraising strategies for rural businesses and third sector organisations
  • sustainability assessments/ appraisals
  • education in the natural environment

Sustainable landscapes

  • species monitoring and research studies
  • climate change impacts on landscapes
  • uses of natural resources
  • business evaluation of natural products
  • biodiversity and carbon offsetting feasibility studies
  • payment for ecosystem services feasibility studies