Health & Wellbeing Support

We recognise the tremendous benefits that engaging with the natural world can bring to an individuals physical health and sense of wellbeing.

We offer opportunities to a broad range of vulnerable adults, young people, and groups, for whom a period of structured work and activity in an outdoor setting could be of real benefit.

In our experience we feel that a universal treatment for many of our present day problems associated with depression, loneliness, addiction and ill health can be met through providing:

  • a clear routine and structured plan of practical and educational activities for the day.
  • the opportunity to get regular social contact through working with like minded people in a supportive,  therapeutic environment.
  • a chance to get fit and keep the mind occupied whilst being given the guidance and support to be able to do something positive by helping to conserve our environment.
  • an opportunity to build confidence by allowing participants to contribute ideas and suggestions
  • gain experience, training and skills to support careers in farming, horticulture and conservation

We work with schools, social care organisations, charities, and others to help adults and young people who struggle because of social, emotional,  behavioural, or disability  issues.  

Our team  provide positive role models and enjoy passing on their practical skills and knowledge to help people to thrive. 

We promote healthy lifestyles and support people’s development through positive thinking, physical fitness, and healthy eating.

To make a referral, or if you wish to bring a group along for a session,  please contact us on 01664 400150 or email us at