Habitat Management

“I believe our biggest issue is the same biggest issue that the whole world is facing, and that’s habitat destruction.”

Steve Irwin

What we do

Our team of experienced foresters, conservationists and landscapers are able to undertake a wide range of habitat management activities, including the preparation of habitat management plans and stewardship applications, to long term monitoring of species.

  • Creation and management of ponds, lakes and wetlands
  • Woodland and hedgerow creation and management
  • Pond and wetland restoration
  • Wild flower meadow creation and management
  • Invasive species management
  • Conservation grazing
  • Placement of bird and bat boxes
  • Implementation and enhancement of ecological mitigation plans
  • Environmental stewardship applications and management
  • Amenity site management
  • Conservation management and restoration plans
  • Long term monitoring for protected species
  • GIS mapping and analysis


Our approach

Our  habitat management services are undertaken by our highly trained delivery team. The services we offer have the benefit of being informed by our in-house environmental consultants which ensures that the high quality, practical services we deliver are backed up by the very best ecological understanding.


Why people like us

Our ‘landscape’ approach to habitat management considers the wider contexts of target habitats to greatly enhance their conservation value and cost effectiveness to the clients. Detailed knowledge of habitat management approaches also allows us to offer habitat management solutions which are both practical and effective in any scenario.

Case studies

Sustainable Habitat Management

Our work at Burrough Court Farm in Leicestershire involves the sustainable management of diverse farm habitats ranging from lake restoration, to woodland management to deer control in a way which which is ecologically,economically and ethically considered.