Estate Management

“He plants trees to benefit another generation.”

Caecilius Statius

What we do


  • Tree planting, maintenance and care
  • Scrub clearance
  • Sustainable forestry
  • Pond, lake & wetland management/restoration
  • Hedgerow management
  • Deer and pest management
  • Management of sport shooting estates
  • Advice for and management of agri-environment schemes

Our approach

Our flexible approach to estate management allows landowners to determine their own level of involvement allowing them to have as little or as much input as required.  Like with all of our land management services our approach is all-inclusive, providing both technical management advice as well as the means for practical delivery.

Why people like us

We apply high-level understanding of the Environmental Sciences to the management plans and practices that we implement. We are a professional team offering the highest standard of practical delivery informed by the latest scientific understanding.

Unlike most other environmental consultancies our academic and practical staff work together to ensure what is delivered on the ground is as effective and efficient as possible.

Our aim is to provide our clients with piece of mind in knowing that the delivery of estate management work is being undertaken by the same organisation that created the management plans being worked to.This eliminates the need to deal with multiple sub-contractors and ensures that poor communication is never an issue.

Case studies

Making estate management sustainable

We have worked cloEnvironmental Management, Countryside Management, Ecology, Forestry, Chainsaw, EIAsely with land owners in designing and undertaking their estate management plans to ensure that they are as sustainable and economic as possible.

Our team have worked on several sites include Outwoods (ancient woodland part of Charnwood Forest), Beacon Hill Country Park, Bradgate Park, Belton House, Belvoir Estate, and a range of private estates and holdings.  We also have experience in working within country parks and protected landscapes providing practical management.

Our team  have developed site management plans for local authorities (most notably managing the creation of 57 management plans for individual sites across the City of Lincoln as part of the ‘Investing in Lincoln’s Natural Heritage’ project, which aimed to link habitats and reduce fragmentation).

Our involvement with the Burrough Court Farm estate in Leicestershire is the start of a long term relationship, undertaking sustainable lake restoration, woodland management and game management in a way which will benefit wildlife whilst enabling us to apply best practice in sustainable land management and monitoring techniques.