Nothing is more important to this society than preserving natural capital. People need nature to survive, to thrive.

Harrison Ford (actor)

The Burrough Court Estate is located on the border between Leicestershire and Rutland, and comprises 1,200 acres of land, a range of business units, and a very dedicated team of land owners and workers.

The Sustainable Land Trust made Burrough Court Estate its home in 2014 and we work in partnership with the landowners and farm contractors.  The Trust are the land agents for the 350 acres of habitat and woodland, and we manage the Natural England Mid Tier Countryside Stewardship and Woodland Management schemes on the estate.

Together we have formed our own Natural Capital Group where we plan and manage the landscape to maximise its ecosystem services.

We are mapping the farm’s natural resources, identifying biodiversity hot spots and areas of fragility; we have created new ecosystems and restored old ones.

We use our skills and expertise as sustainable land managers to address issues such as climate change, flooding, water and soil pollution, ecosystem function, and biodiversity loss.

Our approach is to ensure that each project or activity achieves maximum ecosystem services and to help us we work closely with our research partners at Loughborough University.